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Nowadays, designs in mechanical engineering are becoming more of a decisive buying factor. Where technology, quality and price of the different providers is comparable, design is decisive. Industrial design belongs to the soft sales factors which have a significant contribution to the success of a product. The central tasks of the technical design are the shape and color conception, the brand and corporate design developments, and of course the improvement of the user experience with a machine. In the foreground, these are always the specific target groups and the optimization of the central handling processes.

When designing a product, another essential target of the design in mechanical engineering is the emotionalization of the product. The product shows its specific and technical innovation by a special appearance and exceptional design. Our numerous and very successful projects convinces people with a striking design, formal long-life cycle, brand identity forms and the innovative use of material. We are distinguished by our decades of experience in technical design, the extensive industry knowledge and also our numerous design awards, which we receive for our work every year.


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"Industrial design"

Industrial design or product design is focused on concepts for industrially produced products. It‘s mainly divided into two sections: a) the designing of consumption goods and b) the designing of capital goods. Consumption goods are furniture, sanitary products, and electronic products, while capital goods involve design development from product plants and medicine and laboratory equipment. It‘s concentrated on products for professional users. On these projects the designer works often in interdisciplinary teams. Its responsibilities are structure studies, brand development, optimization of the function while taking into account the needs of the target group. A designer is an creator for series-produced products and not an artist who is creating a single item.



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