KRF / Knife Ring Flaker

Strength and dynamics

The knife ring flaker by Dieffenbacher impresses with its strong, individual and expressive design language, which further develops the corporate design of Dieffenbacher. This type of equipment is used for the machining of wood and recyclable wood waste and other recycling materials. The material produced in this way is the core product in the process chain of chipboard production.

Systemic design

The intelligent transfer of the new Dieffenbacher system design puts the wood chipping process into focus. In this way, a skillful interplay of clear structures and a dynamic, trend-setting design was created. Further contents were the optimisation of the setting and maintenance processes, which led to a fundamental improvement in the handling of the product. The Knife Ring Flaker was awarded the focus open design prize in silver.

Project overview

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"Radical Design"

Das Radical Design ist die Bezeichnung für eine Strömung des italienischen Designs. Ab den 60er Jahren kam es zu dieser Strömung, diverse Proteste und gesellschaftliche Veränderungen waren die Grundlage für das Radical Design. Es wurden Gestaltungsprinzipien von der Pop-Art übernommen und die künstlerischen, sowie dekorativen Punkte gewannen an Geltung.