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centrotherm C.FIRE

Optimization of costs and innovative industrial design fit together: for centrotherm photovoltaics AG, a world-wide leading company for photovoltaic technology and equipment, we developed a new overall product design. The reduced, modern concept of color and form convinces especially by its innovative combination of materials, contrasting different functional system units among each other. The quiet appearance underlines the systems‘ sublime quality and reliability.


The underlying approach of design-to-cost connects the optimal costs with supreme industrial design and user-friendly ergonomics. Design-to-cost means to take care of all single product parts while the whole process of development and to optimize them towards the best solution considering costs, design and quality. The first centrotherm photovoltaics systems, designed regarding this approach, have been delivered in 2011, having the new design and containing better technology.

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"Unique selling proposition (USP)"

The unique selling point is an outstanding performance feature, which sets a product or service apart from its competitors, in design, marketing and selling psychology. These characteristics can be shaped functionally and/or creatively. In a successful design and development process can thereby grow veritable advantages for the customer and the corporate value. The unique selling point should be „strong in defense“, target-group oriented and economically, but also realizable in price, time and quality. A unique selling point is an individual benefit and creates in addition with other factors the brand promise.