Modular injection molding machines

Ferromatik Milacron - F-Series

On the occasion of the K 2010 in Düsseldorf Ferromatik Milacron presented its new F-Series in a unique industrial design. The new design concept was shaped by defortec, especially for the complexe requirements of injection molding machines. The significant feature for brand recognition are dynamic red fins at the clamping unit and at the injection unit as synonym for the machine‘s speed, force and dynamics.

A horizontal, anthracite grey ribbon around the system focusses on the position of main functions and connects the two units. Next to the design challenges the approach of design-to-cost was the project‘s main point. Regulating costs towards the target was only made possible by the input of defortec‘s extensive experience.

The platform concept of the F-Series makes it possible to combine different moduls to a custom-made product. You can choose the right performance, energy consumption, characteristics of movement and accurateness of positioning, just as it fits to your appliance. Both electric and hydraulic driven axes are possible.

By introducing the new F-Series and by many successful trade fairs Ferromatik Milacron registered a significant boost in sales volumes, which in the end can also be led back to the unique industrial design of the new products.

As part of the longtime collaboration and by creating a Ferromatik Milacron corporate design, the Elektron series, a system of all-electric injection molding machines, was also designed by defortec.


The F-series is winner of the renowned, international design award, iF product design award 2014, in the category industry / skilled trades and was nominated for the german design award 2015.

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