Layflat book-binding machine

palamides smartliner240

With the smartliner240 palamides presents an innovative technology of book-binding. The so-called smartflat technology is a new environmentally friendly binding method which enables books to lay perfectly flat when flipped open. Large pictures can extend over the fold, while the book remains open and lies perfectly flat, reading and handling is significantly improved.

defortec shaped the design concept for this special product. Large transparent glass areas offer exciting insights into the book processing areas. The design stands for the simpleness and precision of the book-binding process, while transparency reduces the machines optical volume. The design quality of smartliner 240 allows the installation directly in offices or shops. Because of the high throughput of the system all handling areas are made of stainless steel.

Layflat book-binding
Conventional book-binding

Service-friendly design

The whole system offers a very good accessibility and perfect handling, combined with an attractive overall impression. Finally it is controlled by an intuitive user interface, running on an Ipad mini.


The smart liner 240 excites by its outstanding design quality and has already won three design awards.
Among the internationally known German Design Award 2015 Special Mention and the Focus Open 2014 Special Mention and the world renowned iF product design award 2014.

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