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Daimler AG TecFabrik Leanfit

The mounting system LeanFit from the Daimler AG gives an outlook on the future collaboration between man and machine in modern assembly workstations. Defortec developed the design concept and the functional structure of the entire system consisting of the Leanfit gripper system, control unit and control box. Defortec manufactured and supplied this system in record time, which was presented to the audience at the annual meeting in 2016 in Berlin. 

The main focus of the development was on an optimized user ergonomy and compliance with the strict MRK guidelines. The volume-reduced design provides an optimal, unobstructed view of the door position as well as on the screwing points of the door hinges. The lightweight aluminum construction allows with lowest weight, maximum strength and high transparency of the component.

The sensitive robot technology perceives the human being, deviates him actively and thus avoids any threat to the worker. The LeanFit system is used in production for the assembly of car doors. The robot performs large-scale movements automatically and precise positioning processes are carried out by the human using a joystick.

Ergonomic optimization
Kinematics detail

Operating unit

The ergonomically designed operator terminal provides all functions for controlling this complex system. A combination of 3D joystick, enable switch and emergency stop gives total control in any work situation.

The interface between the robot and the gripper system is formed by the kinematics, which is based on the swash plate principle. The latest tension and pressure sensors make the precise fitting of components possible.

Gripper adjustment

Function and design

The design of the gripper system with its soft-edge shape protects the user from injuries. The flat suction pads are easily adjustable in their distances to safely accommodate different sizes of doors.

Awarded design

The visionary tool of the Daimler AG is awarded with the prestigious iF Design Award 2017 and the Designpreis Baden-Würrtemberg Focus Open 2016.

Project overview

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"User interface design"

Design and functional development of a user interface. Interface is a part or an act, in which a person makes contact with a machine or a product. The simplest example therefore is a light-switch: it‘s not part of the person, neither part of the machine (light), but an interface between. For being useful and important for persons, the interface should be based on human needs and skills. If you look at it systematically user interface belongs to the „Man Machine System“ (MMS): Man  ↔ Man-Machine-Interface ↔ Machine. Different sciences are focused on that theme, e.g. informatics, the Cognitive Science research and psychology. The basic knowledge for user-friendly interface design is developed in design and ergonomics. The specific field of activity is Cognitive Ergonomics, System Ergonomics and Software Ergonomics (usability engineering).