ACSYS Multishift laser processing system

Iconic design

The sharp and modular design aims to demonstrate and communicate the precision of the machine. Straight lines and strict separation of color and material are the tools used to show precision on the outside. The upper part of the machine front is entirely made from glass, partly from laser protection glass to protect the user from the laser rays inside the machine. Glass doors are opened by capacitive buttons, making handles unnecessary and generating a clean surface on the machine front.


Operating panel and machine form a unit

The control panel which is adjustable in height and offers touch sensitive surfaces simplifies the installation and maintenance of the machine while using the same design language as the MULTISHIFT machine. The high level, not only regarding design quality but also ergonomic aspects of both, the control panel and the MULTISHIFT machine make the system a modern versatile solution in the laser machining market.


Project overview

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"Ambiente (ital. Umwelt, Atmosphäre)"

Das Wort Abmiete bezeichnet eine Stimmung, Flair und die Atmosphäre. Des Weiteren aber auch eine Umgebung, einen Lebensraum und Lebensbedingungen.  Der Begriff Ambiente ist sehr vielseitig er vermittelt die „eigene“ Charakteristik eines Raums, von Kunstwerken, oder der Innenarchitektur. Das Ambiente vermittelt, dass die Ausstattung sehr gelungen und unverwechselbar schön ist.