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Award-winning industrial design - made by defortec

Proof of our work‘s quality are also the numerous design awards we won in the recent years. Famous prizes like the iF product design award, the Red Dot design award, the Focus -design award Baden Württemberg- and the design award Chicago, furthermore the „Designpreis der Bundesrepublik Deutschland“ - award of the awards - all in all we have been awarded already more than 50 times for our design.

This amount of prizes has special importance regarding that they have been awarded mainly for technical products, mostly from the mechanical engineering sector. Here we want to say thank you to our clients, who have made this possible with their open mindedness and their enthusiasm for industrial design.

Here our most important design awards:

  • German Design Award 2017 Special Mention
  • 2x Focus Open Silver 2016
  • Focus Open 2016 Special Mention
  • German Design Award 2015 Special Mention
  • Focus Open 2014 Special Mention
  • 4x iF Product Design Award 2014
  • Focus Open 2013 Silver
  • iF product design award 2013
  • GOOD DESIGN Award 2012 Chicago USA
  • Nomination design award BRD 2012
  • reddot design award winner 2012
  • 2x iF Product Design Award 2012
  • Nomination design award BRD 2010
  • 4x nomination design award BRD 2009
  • Focus Green 2008 Gold
  • Focus Green 2008 Silver
  • 2x iF product design award 2008
  • GOOD DESIGN Award 2008  Chicago USA
  • Nomination design award BRD 2008
  • Focus Security 2007 Silver
  • Nomination design award BRD 2007
  • iF product design award 2007
  • Focus Energy 2006 Silber
  • iF product design award 2006
  • Nomination design award BRD 2006
  • reddot design award winner 2005
  • Animago 2003
  • BDG Logo award 2002
  • iF exhibition silver award 2001