The new MUTISHIFT laser machine by ACSYS Lasertechnik uses advanced technology to make the fully automated production of laser engraved, cut, structured and marked parts more efficient and precise. An integrated robotic arm positions the blank parts accurately before being engraved by a laser beam that is justified by multiple high-precision cameras.

precise manufacturing 

unique design

design for technology

By redesigning their extensive series of urban sanitation and cleaning vehicles, Qunfeng meets the requested standards based in the newly established, stricter environment protection laws in China. This innovative series offers substantial solutions for all urban cleaning and sanitation tasks while fitting the urban environment perfectly with their modern appearance.

environmental consciousness

meets corporate design

design for technology

By establishing the new MultiLab system, Glatt sets new standards in developing and producing pharmaceutical pills and capsules for the medical industry. Being the first all-in-one solution Glatt.MultiLab allows the fabrication of pharmaceutical pills, from granulated material to the final product. Four modules enable the operator to monitor the whole process. 

innovative technology

systemic hygienic design
design for technology

The Tarvos snatch block is used to increase the power of winches and doubles their drag force to up to 60 tons. It is used in emergencies or for pulling of heavy machinery in case that the winch itself cannot provide the necessary force.


powerful and lightweight
design for technology

The family of two post lifts from the MAHA Maschinenbau Haldenwang GmbH & Co. KG distinguishes itself by its highly optimized technical details and the integrated lighting. Defortec has developed this new product family from the viewpoint of corporate design, usability and compliance with all mechanical specifications. The interaction of these factors enabled the very successful market launch.

corporate design
brand identity
design for technology

Dieffenbachers Fiberforge is the world's fastest production line for the production of thermoplastic carbon fiber components. This highly innovative technology is particularly emphasized by its design. The dynamic and clear lines and the resulting distinctive appearance stand out clearly from the competitors.

innovative technology
dynamic appearance
design for technology

The winch Tarvos of the internationally active manufacturer ROTZLER differentiates itself clearly from the competitors and sets a new benchmark in the area of hydraulic rope systems. This innovative winch series convinces with its great handling and its quiet and professional appearance.

strong product identity
convincing design system
design for technology

The human-robot cooperation MRK shows the future in the field of assembly technologies. This new technique allows direct cooperation between man and machine. The sensitive robotic technology perceives the people and actively differs from him in a possible collision. The tool, developed and produced by defortec, is used for the assembly of car doors by Daimler AG.

vision and innovation
ergonomics and safety
design for technology

EnviroESCA is the first electron spectroscope to automatically analyze and evaluate surfaces under real environmental conditions. Defortec developed the appearance for all EnviroESCA system components. The asymmetrical front emphazises the core function of this professional and high-quality appearing laboratory system.

revolutionary technology
laboratory device design
design for technology

Defortec developed this revolutionary laboratory device for cell analysis for the Venneos GmbH from Stuttgart - a spin-off of the Max Planck Institute. Especially the intuitive handling was in the foreground in the development. Defortec assumed the complete development from the design, the construction up to the prototype series.

intuitive operation
innovative cell analysis
design for technology

Design development, prototyping and production of a complex housing system for an assembly robot of TecFabrik Daimler AG. The soft basic shape gives this revolutionary technology a sympathetic and trustful expression, which supports the interaction human and robot.

pioneering technology
human robot collaboration
design for technology

Dürr EcoCCore, industrial cleaning machine, awarded with the design award Baden-Württemberg, Focus Open Silver 2013. „The reduced formal expression lends the entire machine an architectural and elegant appearance. The transparent housing enables an easy security machine check while passing, also with a reduced headcount.“
- Jury decision, Focus Open, design award Baden-Württemberg 2013 -

defortec creates
unique industrial design
design for technology

German eForensics GmbH, Eviscan - contactless forensic scanner - EVISCAN - an integrated laboratory workplace for dactyloscopy, the method of forensic analysing and saving.
„This scanner, with its contemporary radiused edges, features an impressive, puristic exterior design. It conveys easy use and reliable results.“ - Statement by jury of reddot design Award 2012 -

inspiring products
visually and functionally
design for technology

Palamides smartliner240 - professional book-binding machine with the revolutionary, layflat technology. The design concept of smartliner240 offers large transparent glass areas for exciting insights into the book processing and convinced finally with an attractive overall impression.

inspiring technology
faszinating appearance
design for technology

„Design can follow many approaches - creating a useful product despite very few possibilities to fulfill the requirements. A classic low-cost-product, which is produced competitive in the south of Germany. Simply that is already a challenge in itself.
- about Nixwielicht -

design development
and cost awareness
design for technology

Highspeed machining center Licon LiFlex II 444
The design concept highlights the powerfull dynamik of the machine, creates an improvement in ergonomics and use and became therefore brandshaper for Licon mt.

shaping unique brands
creating company values
design for technology

Development of a complex user interface for Dürr Ecoclean. High security during the process is achieved by an easy operation. Intuitive and self-explanatory, for fast and easy handling.

usability by interface design
intuitive handling
design for technology

The PulseBoreCenter manufactured by Dürr Ecoclean shows a significant step towards optimized activation of cylinder bores by high-pressure water jets. The realization in the cubic and precise frame-design concept of all new Dürr products draws the attention to the process chamber. Likewise, the grey-tinted minderal glass allowes the perfect monitoring of the inner processes.

fascinating insights in
refined technologies
design for technology

Das defortec Designbüro entwirft und realisiert herausragendes Industriedesign.
design for technology

About us

The defortec - design for technology GmbH is one of Germanys leading industrial design and product development agencies with focus on design of capital goods as well as medical and laboratory devices. Furthermore we provide innovation development, engineering and user interface design.

We create custom-made industrial design solutions for our clients from all technology sectors, e.g. the plastics or the metal working industry, the photovoltaic sector, the security business and the medical sector.

Thereby we offer interdisciplinary know how, which enhances our design projects and provides innovative and successful products for our clients.

One of the special competences of defortec is the accomplishment of economical realization while the process of developing design concepts. Our special focus - design to cost - represents intelligent design, which leads to reduction of our clients production costs and shows a rapid profitability.

As an interdisciplinary design agency our passion is designing and developing innovative technical products. Our competence in design is based on 20 years of experience in various projects, a high sensitivity of design, broad market knowledge and intersectional knowhow in engineering.

For defortec the main focus of a successful design development is to shape emotionally and individually products with brand specific but unique identities. The products of our clients have a clear design idiom and a high factor of recognition.

Our design creates values for our clients and makes innovation visible. We identify and optimize operating processes, create security and confidence in the new product and improve ergonomics and process technologies.

Successful and pleased clients as well as 50 international design awards like the red dot design award and iF product design award prove the quality of our work.

As an additional service, we offer complex model making and prototype construction as an integral part of our developments or as a direct service for other companies. This creates attractive exhibition models as well as operating product prototypes. We also have extensive experience in these areas.

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