Laboratory device Sonic TCE

Material tests trough natural frequency

SonicTC® combines innovative technic and reduced industrial design.  EigenFrequency is the new natural frequency meter of RTE GmbH. A mechanic impulse sets the inspection objects into motion, which can directly be recorded and analyzed from a high performance microphone. Within seconds you get informed about quality and security of the inspection parts. This laboratory device is used for material analyses in the component inspection of automotive brake systems. It gets special emphasis in the analysis and prevention of squeaking and rattling noises.

defortec developed therefore a modular design housing system for single and dual chamber as well as Inline using.
The whole construction is a combination of steel and aluminum with a swivel hood which is effortless to handle, a foldable keyboard and an ergonomic touchscreen. The production without elaborated tools allows lower production costs and design for small quantities.

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