Scanner LSC

The new smart scanner series from Voith enables continuous process control of paper and pulp production - thanks to state-of-the-art sensor technology in high resolution and in real time.


The extremely compact measuring system can be integrated into all paper machines, even where space is limited, and is offered in a wide range of widths to precisely fit the customer's paper web. The basis is the stable and robust frame of the measuring platform, which ensures high traversing speeds (up to 600mm/s [23ft/s]) on frame lengths of up to 14.6m [47,9ft] and web widths of up to almost 12m [39,4ft].

Voith Scanner - Intelligent quality control in the paper industry

In this measuring frame, the sensor head travels continuously reversing along the paper web and checks it for a wide range of parameters using state-of-the-art sensor technology.

The high measuring accuracy and accurate sensor head positioning ensure high-resolution profiles for longitudinal and cross profile control of the paper web, which in turn are used to control the paper machine. Thus, both the production process and the product quality can be stabilized and continuously optimized.The modular sensor head with customizable sensor equipment offers customers the possibility to adapt the Voith scanner to their needs and slitter requirements. Equipped with compact, robust and state-of-the-art sensor technology, the Voith Scanner sets new standards in paper quality control.


Among other things, the weight/m³ of the paper web, the moisture of the fiber composite, the fiber orientation in the paper web, color, coating, gloss level, mineral content and others are measured.A wide variety of sensor modules are used for analysis, including X-ray, infrared, microwave - a spectrophotometer can also be used here.


Quality control 4.0

An optional cleaning garage for the measuring head ensures the best measurement results and high system availability, even in particularly dusty ambient conditions.


The Voith scanner also features extremely fast signal processing - in conjunction with Voith ComCore - the automation solution for Papermaking 4.0, the data obtained here can be used in real time to regulate and control the production process. Under ComCore, all components of the paper machine can be networked with each other - less energy and fiber consumption, higher machine availability and improved spare parts planning can thus be achieved and lower resource consumption ensured.

Signs of the smart scanner can also be found on the product itself - just like all new smart products from Voith, a smart light can also be found on the scanner, which provides information about the operating status of the machine and any maintenance activities that may be required. The Smart Light thus effectively simplifies the perception on the machine itself whether it is fully ready for operation.


Another special feature of all new Voith products is also found on the scanner: Clean Design - The aim is to minimize vulnerabilty to soiling in the demanding environment of paper production, so defortec has consistently avoided gaps on horizontal surfaces, thus ensuring longevity of the scanner and a significant reduction in complexity of the superstructure compared to its predecessor. This also results in cost advantages.


The transparent front panel, facing the operator when installed, puts the technical complexity of the scanner on display for the operator and plant visitors. This makes high-tech visible almost to the touch!


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• Novel product structure
• Reduction of complexity
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