mega macs X
Hella Gutmann Solutions

vehicle diagnostics system

Small, compact, sophisticated: The newly developed automotive diagnostic device from Hella Gutmann sets new standards - in terms of functionality, usability design and intelligent industrial design. Primarily intended for independent garages, mega macs X reads fault codes as well as system and driving data from a wide range of vehicle models from all well-known manufacturers via the onboard interface. It then transmits these wirelessly to an external tablet, notebook or PC, where the actual analysis starts with the appropriate software from Hella Gutmann.

Dual-use Rugged Design

mega macs X is a real professional device for rough use in the workshop, which is also reflected in its design. The compact case is protected from bumps and drops thanks to the TPU-reinforced corners and contours. In addition, the TPU areas protect the surfaces of the vehicle should the device come into contact with them. This dual-use strategy runs through the entire design concept and makes mega macs X so outstanding in its usability.

Usability starts with cable management

Among other things, cable management contributes to optimal handling - a topic that is repeatedly neglected in device designs. Often, the cables of the device that is not being used at the moment lie around unmotivated or are improvisedly wrapped around the device - this is neither professional nor beneficial to the service life. These scenarios should not be repeated with the mega macs X, so defortec designed the housing accordingly from the outset and tested it extensively for practical suitability using multiple preliminary prototypes. For example, the narrow sides were given a circumferential groove into which the 1.5 meter long diagnostic cable is inserted without further ado - a simple, low-wear and self-explanatory solution! This guided coiling is only possible in one direction, which prevents cable breaks and assigns a defined position to the diagnostic connector at the end of the cable. It thus integrates positively into a housing recess, is fixed by a magnet and is optimally protected.

Design optimizes maintenance and charging

The housing with its significant, dynamic and automotive-looking design was constructed according to the half-shell principle. The upper shell can be completely removed after removing a few screws, and the components inside are then immediately accessible. This speeds up repairs and makes it easier to replace the cable or battery. By the way, the internal battery is charged inductively - by means of the compact charging base, also developed by defortec, which connects positively to the back of the mega macs X. This ensures the optimal charging position at all times. This ensures the optimal charging position at all times.

Integrated status signals

The mega macs X housing thus takes on several roles at once: it handles cable management, supports the charging process, visualizes the brand, and finally optimizes actual use. Once mega macs X is connected to the vehicle via the diagnostic cable, it can be hooked into the back of the open side window of the vehicle, well fixed thanks to the TPU areas. This positioning offers two main advantages. First, the chrome-coated windows cannot interfere with data transmission via the integrated WLAN to the external diagnostic computer. Secondly, personnel can always keep an eye on the status even from a distance - recognizable by the green "Swoosh" light signature on the front and a smaller light element on the back. Depending on the status, the device lights up constantly, flashes or shows a running light. Other LED icons inform about WLAN and Bluetooth activation or the battery state. In contrast, only two buttons are found: besides the obligatory on/off switch, a special, protected integrated button allows switching to the analysis of the moving car.


Focus stays on the use case

All design details of the mega macs X are therefore user-friendly and extremely well thought-out. For example, defortec integrated two LEDs into the diagnostic connector, as the diagnostic sockets in vehicles are usually very hidden in the dark footwell. A detail only, but enormously helpful.

The defortec services at a glance

  • Design tailored to the use case
  • Professional Usability
  • independent formal language
  • Iterative Design Mock-Up Verification