通过多种过程选项,EcoCCore零件清洗系统新开发的处理技术达到了最佳条件,可以在质量和功能方面满足现代生产过程的要求。 同时,EcoCCore采用了新型矿物玻璃外壳,它用一种创新的方式凭借其物质性和透明度满足了高安全标准,通过打开内部照明,灰色玻璃变得清晰,并在几秒钟内便可完美展现系统技术。 defortec将EcoCCore设计成一个自动的整体单壳体结构,并以优雅的方式达到了要求的成本目标。

Light off - compact appearance
Light on - large-scale insight on the whole system


EcoCCore于2014年 荣获著名的国际 iF产品设计奖 ,以及 2013年巴符州设计奖.


在开发EcoCCore的同时,我们创造了DÜRR系统的新控制概念。 控制面板的设计巧妙整合在新产品系列中,并配备了由defortec设计的用户界面和可视化监视器。


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The German Design Council is part of the leading international centers of expertise in design. As a provider of services for the economy its offering a unique plattform for the transfer of brand and design competence knowledge across the different sectors. The German Design Council celebrated its 60th birthday in 2013. Its foundation is based on a resolution of the lower german house of parlament, which demanded an establishment of a body that secures competitiveness and best quality of german products.