人类和机器人合作是自动化技术领域未来的发展方向。机器人成为人类的合作伙伴,并且能够通过其传感器与工作人员进行无障碍合作。 Defortec设计公司为Daimler AG的TecFabrik开发了这项未来技术的设计,用机器手来自动设置汽车车身底部的密封盖。 除设计开发外,Defortec设计公司也从事并参与详细的样机研制和复杂住宅系统的制造。




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Design Center Stuttgart is the only State-owned design center in all of Germany. Located in „Haus der Wirtschaft“ in the middle of Stuttgart, it‘s the most important part of economic development support in Baden-Württemberg. It provides information and advice about professional design. As part of the promotion of trade and industry, it especially offers small and medium-sized enterprises guidance on current design topics. The Design Center Stuttgart offers companies and creative service providers the ideal platform for making contacts and networking. The cooperation with federations, the Chamber of Industry and Commerce, Center of Innovations and comparable institutions often plays an important role.