YES: LED light system

LED street lighting

For YES Company and ALT from Korea two series of street lighting, based on newest LED technology, were designed by defortec. For this energy-saving technology two different collections were formed, both created under the approach of design-to-cost to meet the cost targets.

Designed with cubic forms as a series for architects and constructors or as Softline with a stronger focus on the end-consumer. The housings are equipped with large radiators to optimize the LEDs life span, they are easy to maintain and are sold in various dimensions and for many assembly situations.

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"User interface design"

Design and functional development of a user interface. Interface is a part or an act, in which a person makes contact with a machine or a product. The simplest example therefore is a light-switch: it‘s not part of the person, neither part of the machine (light), but an interface between. For being useful and important for persons, the interface should be based on human needs and skills. If you look at it systematically user interface belongs to the „Man Machine System“ (MMS): Man  ↔ Man-Machine-Interface ↔ Machine. Different sciences are focused on that theme, e.g. informatics, the Cognitive Science research and psychology. The basic knowledge for user-friendly interface design is developed in design and ergonomics. The specific field of activity is Cognitive Ergonomics, System Ergonomics and Software Ergonomics (usability engineering).