Modern logo with concise figurative mark alluding to the hydrogen peroxide molecule.
The new Synexis logo follows a clear grid. Proportions are coordinated and harmoniously unite figurative and word mark.


Synexis Logotype

Corporate Design by defortec | product design und logo design by defortec

Extensive design task

As an agency for industrial design, defortec specializes in the design of consumer and investment goods in a wide variety of market segments. However, the design of housings and coverings is not the only task of a versatile design agency. In the case of the U.S. company Synexis LLC, the processing order included, in addition to the Cube & Sphere air purifiers, the redesign of the company logo as well as an extensive design guideline for print and web media.


Logo design

The trademark included in the logo subtly points out the innovative technology and functionality of synexis devices, while also providing a strong, memorable figurative mark. Here, the four circles stand for the chemical compound of hydrogen and oxygen, hydrogen peroxide (H2O2). The two larger circles represent the oxygen atoms each of which is bonded to each other and to a hydrogen atom on the outside. The H2O2 molecule is central to the function of synexis devices and is figurative of synexis' success which is why it plays such a present role in Synexis' brand identity.


Creation of a corporate design for Synexis

Thus, in addition to implementing its own product language for air purification equipment defortec succeeded in creating its own independent brand identity for the emerging company Synexis LLC. The collaboration with Synexis offered a rare opportunity to positively influence and realign the visual communication of an entire company through the design of various communication channels.

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