EnviroMETROS at the Productronica

defortec überzeugt beim Internationalen Designpreis Baden- Württemberg 2022 und gewinnt den Focus Open in Silber

In the race for ever more powerful and ever more compact electronics, particularly precise and low-waste production is becoming increasingly important. The cornerstone for this is raw materials and base materials that are as clean as possible.


The EnviroMETROS surface spectroscope from Berlin-based company SPECS has been specially developed to meet the requirements of the semiconductor industry. As a completely new type of analysis device in the semiconductor manufacturing market, it can be used fully automatically inline in production lines. The device is characterized by advanced features such as high sensitivity, real-time data acquisition and exceptional precision and offers engineers and researchers a powerful tool for optimizing production processes.


In the research environment, the EnviroMETROS can be used as a "LAB-Varienate".


Numerous defortec customers also exhibited at Productronica in Munich.

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