Venneos CAN Q development

Function and design

For the Stuttgart based start-up Venneos, we developed the CAN Q Station. A measuring device for biological cell analysis. The innovative feature of this system is the innovative measurement approach. Cellular changes are visible electronically instead of optically.

Defortec played a key role in the development of technical components required for the intuitive operation of the novel microscope.

Functional test of the contacting mechanism
Functional model of the contacting mechanism

Development of the contacting mechanism

Based on the produced functional model, the contacting mechanism and the geometry of the culture chamber were tested in combination with the carrier board.

The functions of the mechanism as well as the smooth co-operation of the components were checked and continuously optimized by several running- and stress tests.

The focus of the functional investigations was primarily on the contacting mechanism and the interplay of the individual elements. These investigations have significantly contributed to the process optimization, technical precision and shape-finding.

Prototype for final approval

Pilot series

In the second phase, a fully functional small series was manufactured, which was tested by pilot costumers.


This pilot series already had all the relevant innovations and functions. These included also the mechanics, developed by defortec. All used materials are food safe and extremely resistant due to the laboratory environment.

Project overview

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