When it comes to mixing and homogenizing substances with maximum precision and efficiency, the Schopfheim-based company Ekato comes into play. It develops and produces vacuum processing systems for the cosmetics, pharmaceutical and food industries, among others - in other words, for sectors that work with sensitive substances and place the highest demands on purity and quality.


Systems for the cosmetics and pharmaceutical industries


The Unimix series is specially designed for liquid to highly viscous mixtures and has been used successfully by international manufacturers for some time now. Ekato has now fundamentally revised the four-part machine family in order to expand the technical features, accelerate the process speed and further improve the quality of the results in the form of an even better particle size distribution.

Next Generation Unimix

The "Next Generation Unimix" systems integrate all previously external components - such as control cabinets. This offers great advantages for everyone involved: production at Ekato is faster, transportation is cheaper and ultimately it requires less floor space for users. And finally, the design underlines the family character thanks to common features - and emphasizes the reliable scalability of the processes from the small laboratory plant to the pilot mixer and the production plant.

Integrative design optimizes production and usability

All models are made entirely of stainless steel, starting with the actual mixing chamber, the so-called agitator working there, through the many pipes to the housing itself. This is designed in such a way that the systems can be perceived as a compact unit despite their complex structure. Minimal housing radii and surfaces that are as closed as possible stand for precision and professionalism. A special design feature is the blue front element, which consists of glass with a permanent blue coating on the back, in whose surface the few operating elements including the display are installed.


With deliberately placed creases, vertical engagement strips on the large models and a dynamically curved end to the blue glass panel, the actually very static machines are given an appropriately dynamic appearance.

At the same time, the design focused on usability. This includes aspects such as cleanability, the positioning of the user interface and the ability to enter machine areas for better access to the mixing container.


The defortec services:

• Analysis of the existing systems
• Development of integration options
• Design development in cooperation with engineering
• Research of material options
• Development of a family design