palamides smartliner240

smartliner240 palamides 提出了书本装订的创新技术。 所谓的smartflat技术是一种新型环境友好的装订方法,使书籍翻转时可以完全平坦的打开。 大图片可以在折叠处延伸,而同时书可保持打开并且完全平放,显著改善阅读和操作感受。

defortec 塑造了这种特殊产品的设计理念。 大型透明玻璃区域为书籍处理领域提供了良好的视野。设计体现了书籍装订过程的简单性和精确性,而透明度降低了机器的光学体积。 smartliner240的设计质量使其能够直接在办公室或商店中安装。由于系统的高流通量,所有处理区域由不锈钢制成。

Layflat book-binding
Conventional book-binding


整个系统提供了非常好的可访问性和完美的操作手感,以及吸引人的整体印象。 而且,它由一个直观的用户界面控制,可在Ipad mini上运行。


The smart liner 240 excites by its outstanding design quality and has already won three design awards.
Among the internationally known German Design Award 2015 Special Mention and the Focus Open 2014 Special Mention and the world renowned iF product design award 2014.

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Design and functional development of a user interface. Interface is a part or an act, in which a person makes contact with a machine or a product. The simplest example therefore is a light-switch: it‘s not part of the person, neither part of the machine (light), but an interface between. For being useful and important for persons, the interface should be based on human needs and skills. If you look at it systematically user interface belongs to the „Man Machine System“ (MMS): Man  ↔ Man-Machine-Interface ↔ Machine. Different sciences are focused on that theme, e.g. informatics, the Cognitive Science research and psychology. The basic knowledge for user-friendly interface design is developed in design and ergonomics. The specific field of activity is Cognitive Ergonomics, System Ergonomics and Software Ergonomics (usability engineering).