Venneos CAN Q Station


Defortec与斯图加特的创业公司Venneos紧密合作,开发研制出了革命性的CAN-Q实验室仪器,其易于操作的特性和紧凑的外观令人印象深刻。 新产品所需的是对接触过程进行决定性改进。

用于分析生物细胞的新颖图像系统基于创新的测量方法,使细胞变化电子化,而不像以往那样仅可光学观测 。 对细胞进行非标记和非侵入性观察是分析它们的最温和和自然的方式。 这特别适用于肿瘤生物学,免疫学和药理学领域以及制药和生物技术公司。

Manufactured prototype



Functional model to develop a new contact mechanism.


使用第一有机玻璃原型开发并检查接触机制的功能。 各种动力学原理的可行性和经济效率均在室内经过测试。 着重强调零错误和直观操作。

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"User interface design"

Design and functional development of a user interface. Interface is a part or an act, in which a person makes contact with a machine or a product. The simplest example therefore is a light-switch: it‘s not part of the person, neither part of the machine (light), but an interface between. For being useful and important for persons, the interface should be based on human needs and skills. If you look at it systematically user interface belongs to the „Man Machine System“ (MMS): Man  ↔ Man-Machine-Interface ↔ Machine. Different sciences are focused on that theme, e.g. informatics, the Cognitive Science research and psychology. The basic knowledge for user-friendly interface design is developed in design and ergonomics. The specific field of activity is Cognitive Ergonomics, System Ergonomics and Software Ergonomics (usability engineering).